Tax Refund Services

Tax Refund Services CreweMore than one in three people could be due a tax refund due to incorrect coding or allowable deductions not claimed during the preceding tax years. Anyone who has lived and worked in the UK may be eligible to claim a tax refund, even up to 5 years after leaving the country. There are many reasons why you may be due a tax refund, some may include:

  • Accountancy Error
  • Over Assessment
  • Incorrect Tax Coding
  • Failure to Claim Allowances
  • You have not worked a full tax year
  • You have changed your employment status from employed to self-employed

If you feel you are paying too much tax or that your accountant is not claiming the allowances you are entitled to then you should talk to us about our Tax Refund Services. We are vastly experienced in making overpayment claims and tax re-adjustment proposals to the HMRC on behalf of our clients. We aim to make sure that our clients have not overpaid tax and if you have, we will recalculate your tax liability, handle your claim with HMRC and on your behalf reclaim your £££’s!

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