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The most important thing to remember whenever experiencing a tax investigation by HMRC is to get professional help. If you have received a letter from HMRC opening a tax enquiry or investigation into your affairs please do not put it off any longer. Contact Shires

We are experienced in dealing with HMRC tax investigations and advise you not to speak to, meet with or submit any documentation to the HMRC without receiving the advice of a tax investigation expert first, this will protect your interests.

When the HMRC opens an investigation into your tax affairs you will normally be advised by letter and are generally requested to provide them with a range of business records.  We can assess your past affairs to identify any discrepancies and check the information being requested is of relevance and allowable.  In the majority of tax investigations the HMRC will request either a formal or informal meeting with you however, we strongly advise not to meet with them during a tax investigation. It is not a legal requirement but they will try to persuade you to have a meeting.

Shire’s can act as your intermediary and not permit HMRC’s tax inspectors to interview you, once in the process we will begin negotiations with the HMRC on your behalf so you do not have to have direct contact with them. This is standard practice on all tax investigations, unless forced to by law, even then under no circumstances would our clients meet with an HMRC tax inspector without a representation from Shires or one of our partners present.

If you do not owe any taxes we can help you prove it… however if you are liable we can calculate sums due and agree reasonable penalties. (Penalties can vary dependent on the reason for the investigation) However it is our job to ensure that the charges are as low and fair as can be achieved.  If your assessments are incorrect or unreasonable we can appeal these to.

Contact Shires on 01270 820273 for tax investigation advice or complete the contact form below and we will get back to you.

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