How To Change Accountants

How To Change Accountants CreweFollowing a free meeting with us to discuss your situation and how to change accountants, if you want to progress with Shires you simply sign an authorisation form and we do the rest.

We send the details to the HMRC and write as a professional courtesy to your previous accountant informing them of our instruction and requesting that they forward all relevant information held on file to us. This normally this includes copies of accounts, CT600’s, trial balance, computations, VAT returns etc. It is that simple!

How To Change Accountants – The Facts

  • It is a myth that the HMRC investigate people and businesses for changing accountants
  • Your existing accountant cannot force you to stay with them
  • Your existing accountant can not present additional charges for you to leave
  • Your existing accountant is liable to conclude your accounts to the date you have paid or refund you
  • We can help you make the change without disrupting you or your business
  • Changing should not cost you a penny

Do not be concerned that the HMRC views changing accountants as a negative. In our many years of experience we have never heard of a client ever be investigated because they changed accountants.