Tax FAQs

You offer alot are your services expensive? No! We offer fixed fees and we are very competitive. Further we will always agree costs in advance before undertaking any work.

Our books are in a mess? Not a problem however bad you may think things are we have seen worse, so don’t worry we can resolve it very quickly.

I have outstanding returns to the HMRC? We can speak to the HMRC on your behalf and find out what information is required, however it is important that you deal with it sooner than later as you could be receiving daily fines.

I owe the HMRC money? Again don’t worry the most important thing is not to sweep it under the carpet as it won’t go away. We can speak to the HMRC on your behalf and get your affairs in order, on many occasions we are able to reduce penalties and fines and organise a payment plan for your taxes.

I work all day so can you see me out of office hours? That’s fine we understand that people have work and family commitments and are happy to arrange to see of an evening or on a Saturday completely free of charge.

Will you come to visit us? Yes, we are happy to come to your premises or home whichever is convenient during the day, evening or on a Saturday again completely free of charge.

What type of clients do you have? We specialise in small business, partnerships and self-employed. Our clients come from varied business sectors however as an idea, Building Trades, Hairdressers, Engineers, Opticians, Technology, Surveyors, Landlords, Printers, Motor trades, Retailers and Charities.

What does your fees include? When you become a client of Shires we will confirm in writing exactly what is included in our costs

I want an accountant who will give me advice without continually charging me? We hear this from many new clients, therefore it is our commitment to our clients to offer our professional opinion and advice completely free of charge.

Do you outsource work? No our clients security is very important to us so your personal information will not leave our offices.

Can I pay in instalments? Yes our clients pay us by a variety of methods weekly, monthly quarterly or at year end whatever is convenient for you.

I am not local to your offices does this matter? Not at all, some of our clients are based overseas and we are able to communicate with them via phone, email, text, cloud storage, skype and post.

Will I be tied into a contract? No we do not tie clients in to our services with contracts, you are free to leave at any time, we just ask that you contact us to let us know why you are leaving.

Is it easy to change accountants? Yes, we can do it all for you why not talk to us if you are thinking of changing accountants 

My accountant’s fees are always increasing? Many clients that join us realise that they have been paying too much in accountancy fees for the services they have been receiving.

My accountant seems to the bare minimum for me? Many accountants will do just enough to meet their obligations which is just poor service. At Shires we explore further for our clients and in many cases we have save people £1000s. After all if you do well so do we.

I have just had my accounts done so don’t need an accountant to next year? We cant stress enough the importance of tax planning in the early stages of the year, it is always better to plan your route rather then find a better path after the journey is completed.

I have had a prompted disclosure letter from the HMRC what should I do? If you have received a disclosure letter from the HMRC it means that they have reason to believe that you have underpaid your taxes… do not ignore it contact us immediately for a free consultation.