Changing Accountants

Changing Accountants CreweChanging accountants is a very easy and simple process which we do for you free of charge… so if you are unhappy with your present accountant change.

You are not alone, many clients that have joined us explain they have stayed with their previous accountant for years despite the fact they regularly experience poor service and over charging. It is your accountants fault that you are unhappy, not yours… so don’t accept it.

Of course they will try to convince you that they will change or as many do criticise your new chosen accountancy partner, but remember it is very unlikely they will change their poor habits.

At Shires we are can quickly bring ourselves up to date with your affairs and believe that we can save you money and more importantly minimise your tax position, so the quicker you reassess your accountancy needs the better off you will be. We make the process of changing accountants easy – call us on 01270 821480.

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