Capital Gains Tax Advice

Capital Gains Tax Advice CreweCapital Gains tax applies when chargeable assets which are gained or disposed of. CGT is applicable to individuals and trustees but not to Limited companies. (Limited companies pay tax on profits this is Corporation tax)

With careful Capital Gains Tax Advice, it is often possible to reduce, delay or totally avoid payment of this tax.

At Shires we are experienced in ensuring that our clients do not pay any more capital gains tax than they absolutely have to.

Available relief’s for Capital Gains Tax:

  • Personal annual exemption
  • Rollover relief
  • Holdover relief
  • EIS deferral relief
  • Entrepreneur’s relief
  • Principal private residence relief
  • Lettings relief
  • Set-off against current year or brought forward losses.
  • For assets acquired before 31 March 1982 the cost is usually taken to be the value on that day.

We are able to offer the capital gains tax advice and then complete all of the necessary paperwork for you and communicate with HMRC, to agree the liability, on your behalf.

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